Frequently Asked Questions

What is your average turnaround time?

This completely depends on the package you purchase from us. Our base delivery time is 14 days, but can be extended up to 45 days depending on your package + any add-ons you purchase. We also offer an Express Delivery Add-on, where you can get your video delivered to you as quick as seven days or less.

Why are your packages so expensive?

Creating a music video on a very low budget is unrealistic when considering the need for a professional crew, high-quality equipment, and post-production work. It's crucial to have a realistic budget to meet professional standards, given the complexity and resources required. Understanding the full scope of expenses is key to producing a music video that stands out in the industry. We've made our prices as competitive as possible, while not sacrificing quality. We have an insanely talented crew that are ready to work on your project to make your dreams come true.

Do you offer any discounts?

When we offer discounts, they are always under a first come first served basis. We don't have a schedule of when we do offer discounts, but it doesn't hurt to ask!

Is there someone I can talk to about my project?

Absolutely! You can reach us through our Contact form, directly through email, or you can hit us up through messages on Instagram. (